Monday, April 10, 2006

Negative Comments Info - typo fixed!

I'm re-posting it because of a typo in the original post that might have gave some people the wrong idea. I forgot to type the word, "NOT", in!!! Sorry for that!! So Here it is again, 95% error-free:

Yesterday, for the first time on this blog, I recieved my first negative comment and what is worse is that the person used fowl language on it (I have deleted it and don't ask what the person said, I'm still angered about that). This is a family-friendly blog and I will not tolarate with anything like that. And remember: The morphs you see on the site are for fun and "NOT" suppose to offend anyone. Starting today, I will start moderating the comments around here. So if have nothing nice to say and/or want to use fowl language, DON'T post it here! Do we have an understanding? OK.

Thanks for reading this!
and for the people who are supporting the site, thanks!

I really appreciate it!



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