Friday, March 31, 2006

Caitlin Wachs

Meet Caitlin Wachs. She is a 18-year-old actress from the ABC drama: Commander In Chief. Well here she is...

Photo Source: Caitlin Wachs Central

Nat and Lace: Together Big

Natalie Portman and Lacey Chabert have been gaining weight over the winter so they work together in a movie. The storyline: Natalie and Lacey says that their's probably have same life if they were fat and an magician changes their weight by adding 25 pounds each week. The two actresses are now at 300 pounds each so far, but more is expected for a sequel.

Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has decided its time to start gaining weight for the newer, bigger figured Harry Potter film. Emma's only regret is that she'll have to give up her favorite bathing suit.

Story idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ashley Tisdale - Side View

As this picture was taken, Ashley was tell the folks at home that she's trying to get a food venders attention.

Photo Source: The Official Ashley Tisdale Home Page
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

Hilary Swank

Nothing to say. Enjoy!

Photo Source: Wondrous Hilary Swank

Alyssa Milano

With fans loving her new plump body, magazines and television shows have been fighting to get the curvacious young actress on their covers or shows. Alyssa has been amazed at her new found success as movie deals have started rolling in.

Photo Source: Alyssa Milano Fan
Story: Fan2000's Plumpers

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hilary Duff - Head Shot

Maybe Hilary looks happier with her new double chin....

A Puffed Duff on Stage

Now with bigger 275-pound body, Hilary Duff is dancing and prancing her way across the stage as she tours to promote her new album, "Be Big." Her fan base has now increased along with her body as more young women feel more in tune with her; however, only problem Duff has is to sit in a chair without breaking it.

Photo Source: Hilary Duff Net
Story Idea:
Fan2000's Plumpers

A New Star's Bigger Look...

Meet Kristen Stewart. She is a 16-year-old actress from movies Catch That Kid, Zathura, and in August 2006: In the Land of Women. This could have been my best work if it wasn't for the watermarks. Well here she is...

Photo Source: Kristen Stewart Fan

Monday, March 27, 2006

More Big Ashley Tisdale News...

With fans loving her new plump body, magazines and television shows have been fighting to get the curvacious young actress on their covers or shows. Ashley has been amazed at her new found success.

Photo Source: Ashley Tisdale Online
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

Ashley Tisdale's New Look

A bigger Ashley Tisdale is starting a new season of "Suite Life" on Disney and hopes fans love her new image. She is now stylish and pleasantly plump candygirl, who plus-size fashion sense is great. From what the shows producers have said Ashley's new weight has been a great addition to the show.

Photo Source: Ashley Tisdale Online
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

Another Jennifer Pic

Here's Jennifer during her big modeling days...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Mary Elizabeth Winstead Headline

After a few sucessful movies, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is becoming a very big star in Hollywood. This head shot shows how Mary's weight has ballooned and that she really loves being fat.

Photo Source: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Fan
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers

An Early Alyssa Milano in her bigger days

Alyssa Milano gained a weight for Charmed (click here for previous post). Now what if she was fat during her "Who's the Boss?" days?

Photo Source: Hiss and Pop

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Jan's Big Secret!!!

I found this pic of Brady Bunch's Eve Plumb while I was digging in the trash can. Her being beautiful was one thing; being big and beautiful during the 70's was another. I wonder why they made her look skinner during through the 70's. Maybe Maureen McCormick was heavier during the Brady Bunch days too. We'll see.

Photo Source: Hiss and Pop

Lacey Chabert's Plump Face

Nothing to say for this one... so enjoy!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Old Morph Revisited...

A few posts ago, I posted a old morph of actress Evan Rachel Wood. A few days later, I revisited the pic and did some modifications on it. I hope it looks alittle bit better than before.

Here's the then and now pics:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Princess of Thieves Lost Scenes

I have found the original scenes of the TV-movie "Princess of Thieves" thst starred Keira Knightley. The movie was about Robin Hood's daughter Gwen and adventure to save her father. These original scenes shows that the character was fat, however, the un-named company wanted her to be alittle bit thinner than she was. Here are a few scenes from the lost footage:

"You don't think I can help you cause I'm a girl or is it because I'm FAT?"

"I hope that nobody sees me or my butt behind this tree."

"Don't worry! I can win a archery contest and a pie-eating contest just in time to save my father."

"Who says that big people can't be heroes!!!"

More coming soon.....

The caps are from my personal collection.

Keira Knightley: "I'm Big and Plain"

The British beauty admitted she felt plain compared to the other actresses. The currently 210-pound star is quoted as saying: "I feel really awkward among all these stars. But I like myself big and plain." Keira is also set to take over from Kate Moss as the new face of Chanel. She will become the first fat spokesperson for the company. "Keira loves Chanel and she is perfect for them. Not only is she gorgeous but, unlike Kate, she has never been touched by scandal and is BIGGER than her." a source said.

Photo Source: Will not give due to content for site.
Story Ideas:
Life Style Extra and Fashion Monitor Toronto

Friday, March 17, 2006

Alyssa's Face

Signs of gaining show on Alyssa Milano's face as a second chin starts to grow. On her face, Alyssa's cheeks start chubbing up.

Photo Source: Alyssa Milano Fan
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers Central

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jennifer Garner is loving gaining weight

It has revealed his co-star, Jennifer Garner, is loving being a BBW. Even though Jen’s returned to work, her friend has admitted: “[Food] is her first priority now.”
“She is happier than she has ever been in her life and that makes me thrilled for her. The new look adorable - not that anyone didn’t expect that."
Alias is set to finish this series and by the sounds of it, it won’t be as action-packed as previously: Jen “is still recuperating after eating 6 whole pizzas and will not go back to her full stunt potential,” according to producers.

Photo Source: Jennifer Garner Fan
Story Idea: Fametastic

LIVing Large!!!

Liv Tyler might have some of her half-sister Mia's (left of Liv) genes. The oldest of the Tyler sisters is gaining weight. A spokesperson for Tyler says that because of the success of her sister Mia being a plus-size model, Liv wants to be a plus-size actress. She might become bigger than her sister soon. Yes, this Lord of the Rings starlet is bigger and definitely better as she looks very comfortable in her new growing body.

Photo Source: Liv Tyler Media
Story Idea: Fan2000's Plumpers Central

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RIP Peter Tomarken (TRUE STORY)

This post is one with no morphs and BAD NEWS (not for the site)....

I am regretful to inform you that Peter Tomarken, the host of the 1983-1986 game show "Press Your Luck" has passed away. He was piloting a plane in San Diego at 9:50 when it crashed around 200 yards away. A man and a woman were announced dead: Tomarken and his wife being them. My prayers to all parties involved and Press Your Luck fans. For info about PYL and Tomarken, go to If you have GSN on your digital cable, you can watch it everyday at 12:30 pm ET. A marathon of PYL is going to be held this weekend starting at 9am to 6pm on SUNDAY. I will be at home watching the marathon during my 10-day Spring Break (I going to be leaving on this Thursday). I'm going to miss Mr. Tomarken, the keeper of the Whammy! :-(

BUZZER: The Game Show Blog and Yahoo! News

Garner's Got The Big Belly Blues!

Jennifer Garner is finding it tough to be back on the Alias set following the birth of her first child, Violet, and the new weight gain. "I think it's driving the Alias crew a little crazy," a set source tells us. "Every time they need Jennifer, it seems she's in some deep telephone conversation with take-out delivery man or she's off somewhere talking about her beautiful belly and showing the before and after photos to everyone." Despite the tough time being away from her old skinny self, the source says doting Jen, 33, can't wait to get bigger: "She said she'd like to 500!"

Photo Source:
Story Idea:
Star Magazine

Monday, March 13, 2006

Britney Photos Motivate Jennifer Garner to Add Pounds

New mom Jennifer Garner is determined to add more weight because she wants to wind up looking like fellow new mom Britney Spears. According to a report is the Star, Garner was shocked into motivation for gaining weight when she saw an picture of the former toned pop tart Brit. As a result says the source, Jen is even more determined to get a bigger fabulous body. By the photo, she is now at about 220-pounds.

Photo Source:
Story Idea:

Elisha and Camilla's Quiet Gain

During the filming of the film, The Quiet, Elisha Cuthbert and Camilla Belle was reported to have been gaining weight and producers had to create a storyline around their gain. The two actresses have gained more then 20 pounds each so far, but more is expected if there is going to be a sequel.

Photo Source:
Story idea:

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Do I take requests?

The answer is YES. I do take requests. You can send the pics at and I'll finish them as soon as I can. However, I'm still a beginner at this for only 2 years. There are some methods I still have to master with for some of the pics. Some of the pics I will do in a few minutes, some I'll just need more time with. Just want you to understand that. Thanks for reading this!!!


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rare Pic of a Plumped-up Face of Jennifer!

During an interview, one of Jennifer Connelly's high school friends graduated with her from high school. The friend says "She was in my P.E. class and she weighed 250-pounds. It was great to watch as she tried doing some of the exercises we do." And to support that, she sent us a picture of her plumped face.

Photo Source:
Story Idea:

Friday, March 10, 2006

Help Me Create A story...

I need help with a photostory. I want to do a tranformation about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Weight Gain; however I can into a snag. I want to do this similar to the Jennifer Connelly story but I can't the detail ain't good. If someone want to help with the story, e-mail me ASAP (I don't want to forget it this). The idea for the transformation will take place at a press conference. Use the link to the pic as an example. Thank you and Good Luck!!!

Here the example of the pics I going to use; just to give you an idea...
Free Image Hosting at


Kaley's is living a very BIG Charmed Life!!!

A newly curvacious Kaley Cuoco is finishing up the last season of Charmed and hopes fans love her new image. A stylish and pleasantly plump witch-in-training, who plus-size fashion sense is great. From what the shows producers have said Kaley's new weight would have been a great addition at the beginning of the 9th season.

Source unknown

Early Stage in Brit's Weight Gain

This cap is from the early stage of Britney's weight gain during her heyday as pop princess, as it is show in the pic, must of the fat went to her arms and face.

Source: http:\\

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jennifer's Big Dream!!

(This is my first short story, I hope you'll like it!!!)

In the 80's, Jennifer Connelly wanted to be a big-time superstar in Hollywood. So, she went to a strange library and saw a book about wishing. She checked it out and hurry right home. She went to her closet and read in the book: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SAY YOUR WISH & BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR. She ignored the warning and closed her eyes and said...

and after that, a blinding light came in and made her bigger and bigger...

When she opened her eyes and looked in her mirror, she noticed that she wasn't a superstar but was supersized.

And she was fine with that! Years later, she became a famous superstar and model; however her weight was much different!

And she was proud of that!!!


Photo Source: and

Britney News Flash!!!!

Britney Spears is apparently gaining more than money. Ms. Spears has gained 90-pounds thanks to junk food after her pregnancyBritney (photos above) is nearing the 400-pound mark with no exercise and no dieting!
She is only 1/4 away from being reaching her goal!

Story Idea:

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On a roll with morphs....

Must be bored today...
Well here they are:

SNL Head Writer Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan.

Amber Tamblyn

and Natalie Porman

If you want requests, e-mail me at They can be friends, family members, celebrities, etc.

All Sources are unknown

She's the BIG Man in this post!!!!

If Amanda Bynes played a dude in the film She's The Man, what would happen if she played a chubby girl in real life??? Makes you think, huh???

Source unknown

An old morph, but a goodie.....

This was one of my first sucessful morphs I did! The beautiful lady in the pic is Evan Rachel Wood from ABC-TV's Once and Again and Thirteen. Looking back on it, I should used less blur and gotten rid on the shadows on the second chin. But still good!!! Source: unknown due to memory of where I got it!

Monday, March 06, 2006

BIG Winner Pic!!!!!

Reese Witherspoon is this year's Leading Lady Oscar Winner!! (It's a little hard doing the morph with the pics from last night!!) So this is my award to her!!! More of her soon!!!

Source: Glamour Reese Witherspoon

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